Heather Roberts


From the age of Sixteen, Heather developed a strong passion for making the people around her feel more confident in their own skin, which is what lead her into the beauty industry. Hailing from Greensboro, she moved to the heart of uptown Charlotte to study at the Paul Mitchell School. This is where she built a sound educational foundation, learning from some of the industries top educators. In the half decade since, Heather has continued to hone her craft in many different ways. By staying up to date on the hottest color trends, she can unlock the color potential within every person in her chair. Her diverse cutting techniques range from men's work, to classic styles, and all the way to fun, adventurous looks. Her strong business sense and desire to grow are factors that set her apart in this industry. She strives to combine all of her skills and give every guest in her chair a style that they are sure to love.